Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The 42 Science Fiction Challenge for 2015

Image copyright Paris Franz

As any science-fiction fan will know, 42 is a significant number.

I aim to take part in the 42 Science Fiction Challenge in 2015, in which I review 42 science-fiction related items - books, movies, novellas, television, graphic novels - anything related to science-fiction. You can read more about it over at 42 Challenge.

This one should be fun, and pretty easy. I love sci-fi, and have a lot of ideas for this challenge. Don't be surprised if I end up with more than 42 reviews on this subject. While this blog is primarily about books, it is really about stories, which can be told in many ways, so I'm not aiming to restrict myself when it comes to format.

Speaking of challenges, I came across a few others while researching this one, which I hope will give me a lot of ideas to get this blog up and running.  That's a relief!